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Welcome to ultimatepubguide.com, our mission is a simple one: to aid you, the great drinking public, in finding a decent pub and steering you away from the ones that should be avoided like a pint of warm Carlsberg.

To this end you'll find a list of pubs rated on the four most important factors that any self respecting drinker should consider when choosing a location to indulge in a spot of liver abuse, namely; price, entertainment, location / out door drinking potential and arguably the most important of all, the chances of there being some decent totty in attendance. What you will not find is a review of the drinks on offer, unless otherwise stated it's fair to assume each pub has a decent range of beverages. This is not a guide for real ale buffs.

None of the reviewers who contribute to this site are in any way affiliated with any of the pubs or any brewery; all the reviews are simply the opinion of a group of twenty-something blokes who are no more an authority on the subject than any other adult male who, if asked in a life assurance medical questionnaire how many units of alcohol they consume in a week, would feel inclined to understate the amount because the truth could prove to be expensive.

If you disagree with any of the reviews please add your own comments and if you know of a pub that isn't included here that you feel the rest of the drinking community should know about it, please add your own review.

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Ten of the newest!

Nell GwynneLondon WC2
The ChurchfieldLondon W3
The Ostrich InnSlough
The GreyhoundRichmond
The Maple LeafLondon WC2
The PorterhouseLondon WC2
North StarLondon W5
The World's EndLondon SW10
The NightingaleLondon SW12
Bricklayers ArmsLuton

Ten of this month's most visited!

The Intrepid FoxLondon W1
The Ten BellsLondon E1
The Captain KiddLondon E1
The PhilharmonicLiverpool
The Tattershall CastleLondon SW1
The ChandosLondon WC2
El Bosc de les FadesBarcelona
Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop BarNew Orleans
Ye CrackeLiverpool
The TrafalgarLondon SW3

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