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Royal Pavilion Tavern

7 Castle Square,
Brighton, BN1 1FX, UK

01273 827641

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"After entering the smaller half, purchasing one of the very limited drinks on offer from probably the smallest bar in existence, deciding if the person behind the bar is male or female, and taking a millisecond to observe there's nowhere to sit, it slowly dawns that you've entered Gulliver's Travels and are now drinking in Lilliput."



Known throughout Brighton thanks to its upstairs nightclub - The Tavern Club - the Royal Pavilion Tavern is a stone's throw from its eponymous neighbour: George IV's whim, the Royal Pavilion. Thankfully, the Royal Pavilion Tavern has none of John Nash's Indian-style trappings - no domes and minarets here!

Standing outside, underneath the huge lamp that hangs above the entrance, the pub looks welcoming through the window, as the front section of the pub is inconsistent the rest of the acreage. Big lamps, carpet, orderly tables and relaxing armchairs in the window are contradictory to the greasy, wooden floors, battered and broken chairs, and empty museum feel that the remainder of the immense pub has.

A sprawling pub with massive, empty spaces, it's hard not to envisage the Royal Pavilion Tavern being a 'wood' theme pub, as the place teems with it! Like a ghost-pub, most of the lengthy bar seems redundant and unused, with plenty of vacant, unlabelled pumps. Along the length of the bar are reliefs of Zeus puking, which in harmony with everything else in the pub are grimy and nicotine-stained. The vast wooden walls of the pub are flourished with ornate, grubby cornices, topped with a Tudor-rose embellished ceiling, and illuminated by light through the shielded, leaded windows.

The Tavern Club caters for Brighton's indie kids and 60s obsessive, with Thursday night's Mad for it spinning Britpop and indie, Friday's Kick out the jams playing old-skool indie, and Saturday's Pod tripping-out to 60s, mod and psychedelia!

An electrician's wet-dream, the amount of exposed cables thoughtlessly bolted onto the elaborate walls is startling, but with such a glut of electrical equipment and machines, it's hardly a surprise that additional cabling is required; the Victorians had no need for quiz machines, fruit machines and digital pool. Fussball, real pool and a DJ, who sits in a central booth that resembles an indoor barbeque, provide other entertainment!

Price: 3Price: 3Price: 3
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Entertainment: 4Entertainment: 4Entertainment: 4Entertainment: 4

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